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My name is Joanna Rutkowska (pronounced: root-kov-ska). I’ve been contributing to several fields of computer security engineering over the past 10+ years. Chances are quite high you might have come across some of my projects or work. These include: my work on desktop systems security, especially the work on Qubes OS, my work on virtualization (in)security, and other hardware-enforced security mechanisms, such as Intel vPro technologies, their vulnerabilities, as well as how they could be used to build more secure systems. Before that, my primary focus was on kernel-mode rootkits and stealth malware (e.g. Blue Pill), including both offensive as well as defensive research.

On a more personal note:

I strongly believe that freedom of individuals is the most important value. This implies e.g. ability for individuals to make choices as to whom they want to entrust with various aspects of their lives.

I’m a human, although I can greatly separate emotions from work. This means I can appreciate ideas and work of people who I might be otherwise despising as human beings. Ideas, science and technology have no morality. It’s annoying so many people don’t seem to understand that.

I’m comfortable and happy being a woman, although I do realize the absurd of the rigid classification of human beings into two simple subsets: males and females, and always surprised how deeply this influences people.

I’m also a feminist. I wish there were more women in science and technology. I also wish more women had more self confidence. At the same time I’m concerned about superficial promotion of females just because they are females…

I’m a vegan. The reason for this choice is entirely moral.

I’ve been lucky to be born and to live in a civilized part of the world, in a big capital city in Europe: Warsaw.