I'm proud to announce that we have just released Qubes Beta 2! You can view installation instructions and download the ISO here.

We faced quite a few serious problems with this release that were caused by an upgrade to Xen 4.1 (from Xen 3.4) that we used in Beta 1. But finally we managed to solve all those problems and all in all I'm very happy with this release. It includes many performance optimizations compared to Beta 1 (CPU- and memory-wise) and also many bugfixes.

We also introduced a couple of new features:
  • Generic mechanism for inter-domain services with a centralized policy enforcement (more)
  • Network-less update mechanism for Dom0 (more)
  • VM management improvements: easy device assignment for driver domains, dynamic netvm switching, flexible VM kernel configuration, etc (see the new qvm-prefs utility)
  • Easy management of appmenus (shortcuts in the Start Menu)
  • Update to Xen 4.1 that offers, among other things, better VT-d support and more lightweight management stack (we have ported Qubes to use the new xl now, instead of the slow and heavy xend), and also to 2.6.38-xenlinux kernel for Dom0, and to 3.0.4 pvops kernel for VMs (better hardware compatibility, better power management)
I will write some more posts shortly that would present in detail some of the new features and what cool things one could do with them.

We have also created a dedicated wiki page that enumerates all the security-critical code for Qubes OS. We hope this page would be useful for security researchers that might attempt to find weaknesses in Qubes OS either in our code or in the 3rd party code that we rely on (Xen hypervisor, select Xen backends). Whether your motives are noble (gaining immortal fame, helping create a secure client OS), or not (proving ITL wrong), we would appreciate your efforts! And you might even get a job at ITL.

Speaking of which, I'm happy to announce that Marek Marczykowski, who has effectively become the key Qubes developer over the past few months, has now officially joined ITL :)