If you think SMM rootkits or PCI backdoors is low-level, then you should certainly see our talks in Vegas — ITL is going to define what does the "low-level" adjective really mean at the end of the decade ;)

In case you haven't noticed it at the Black Hat website yet — Alex and Rafal will be giving two presentations in Vegas:

1) Introducing Ring -3 Rootkits (description)

2) Attacking Intel® BIOS (description)

Let me stress that we have been in touch with Intel for quite some time about the above attacks, and that Intel is planning to release appropriate fixes a few weeks before our presentations at Black Hat.

There is more than just this coming at this year's Black Hat — most notably we will also be debuting with our Virtualization (In)Security Training. I will write a separate post about this training (containing a detailed agenda) in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Quite exciting.