When you go to some security conferences, especially those targeted for management staff, you might get the impression that the only problem in the security field that mankind is facing today is… that we’re too stupid and we do not know how to use the technology properly. So, we, use those silly simple passwords, allow strangers to look at our laptop screens over our shoulders, happily provide our e-bank credentials or credit card numbers to whoever asks for them, etc… Sure, that’s true indeed – many people (both administrators and users) do silly mistakes and this is very bad and, of course, they should be trained not to do them.

However, we also face another problem these days… A problem of no less importance then “the human factor”. Namely, even if we were perfectly trained to use the technology and understood it very well, we would still be defenseless in many areas. Just because the technology is flawed!

Think about all those exploitable bugs in WiFi drivers in your laptop or email clients vulnerabilities (e.g. in your GPG/PGP software). The point is, you, as a user can not do anything to prevent exploitation of such bugs. And, of course, the worst thing is, that you don’t even have any reliable way to tell whether somebody actually successfully attacked you or not – see my previous post. None of the so called “industry best practices” can help – you just need to hope that your system hasn’t been 0wned. And this is really disturbing…

Of course, you can chose to believe in all this risk assessment pseudo-science, which can tell you that your system is “non-compromised with 98% probability” or you can try to comfort yourself because you know that your competition has no better security they you… ;)